Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bioshock - 2K Did it right!

I recently went back and purchased Bioshock from Steam and was humbly reminded of the incredible game that 2K Boston had developed. If you have not sat down and given that game a run through I heavily encourage you to reconsider your decision not to do so.
A Big Daddy. A new villain to add to the great halls of the video game  hall of fame.

To give you a rundown of what the game is: you play a character who was in a plane that crashed in an unknown location - of course! You find your way into a city that is submerged underwater - Rapture. The game grabs you right from the get go by presenting the player with a story that is not told by other characters perse but, rather, through the heavy use of imagery and sound (specifically the voice recordings that are found throughout the game that illuminate certain portions of the story as you go along). A strange, Orwellian world that seems so mysterious yet so very intriguing during the first run through. Overall, a must buy!
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